Lead by Amal El-Khoury, Arabic Welfare is unique in that we have qualified bilingual staff with lived experience as a migrant or refugee. Our staff include committed and experienced social workers, counsellors, registered migration agents, youth and community development workers.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Settlement advice and support
  • Family support and violence awareness
  • Gambling prevention and support
  • Youth support and education
  • Parenting – intergenerational, intercultural
  • Culture and language training and support.

Executive Manager:

Amal El-khoury


Abir Melhem – Team Leader / Social Worker
Ahmad Al-Shaimari – Settlement Support
Dalal Sleiman – Capacity Building 
Maha Yaqoo – Settlement Support
Maya Elsaifin – Social Worker
Roba El-Kadi – Social Worker
Samer Albadin – Receptionist
Sihem Sayoud – Settlement Support
Simar Amad – Community Development
Suhaila Abdelqader – Operations Support